About Our Products

Interstate Muffler Company

The highest quality of exhaust industry standards in technolgy and design. Delivering performance, sound, and finish that sets each vehicle apart allowing more choices for you and your vehicles attitude.


BlackTie Exhaust & Tips
The highest quality in polished stainless steel tips to dress your vehicle for the best of the best. Also available in black powder coated tips and polished stainless steel mufflers. Remember the excitement begins where the tailpipe ends!

XP Series
XtremePower chambers for highway and street, also available in off road and race series. Technology includes 16GA. Aluminized steel construction, fully mig welded for performance and durability. XtremePower chambers are for the person who demand quality and performance delivering the ultimate in power and sound that suggest your vehicle speaks volumes with increased horsepower and presence on and off the track with mild to aggressive and very aggressive sound.

PXP Series
ProlineXtreme Performance with wide open tubular design allowing no back pressure so your engine can perform at its peak with maximum flow and advanced technology using 409 stainless steel and fiber packing for sound absorption delivering mild to deep aggressive sound.

PXPT Series
ProlineXtreme Performance Truck Series heavy duty performance and universal fit to please the biggest critic delivering quality performance & sound for gas & diesel trucks. PXPT series fully welded 16 gauge aluminized design for lasting durability on and off road including construction sites and farm use.

SuperStreet Mufflers
A Universal line of professional installer series to replace original equipment with a universal fit for most vehicles on the road today without the expense of O.E. (original equipment) prices in many cases saving the customer 70% of O.E. cost. Technology includes aluminized double wrap with three tubes and two baffles to deliver quiet sound with quality performance and durability.

Route Series Hot rod & muscle car performance old school exhaust with sound that screams muscle car and hot rod performance. From old school 1950s & 60s glass packs to mid 70s & 80s turbos and the welded case aluminized performance muffler that is unparalleled by any other for non catalyst vehicles and pre-1975 yet awesome performance and quality sound on newer model catalyst cars and trucks. Experience the old school sound in modern day era.