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Interstate Mufflers Difference

Interstate Mufflers

Better Exhaust at Less Cost ® in Quality, Performance and Sound since 1979 for Car, Truck, Van, Sport Utility and Off Road Vehicles. The Company brands include BlackTie Exhaust and tips with Polished Stainless Steel tips, Black tips, Chrome tips and Polished Stainless Steel mufflers. XPseries, XtremePower Chambers for highway and street, also available in off road and race performance for on and off the track and off road use with mild and aggressive to very aggressive sound. PXPseries ProlineXtreme Performance stainless steel tubular design for highway and off road performance with mild to deep aggressive sound. Route Series, Hot Rod and muscle car performance, old school exhaust, glass packs, turbo's and welded case mufflers. Products of Interstate Mufflers Company.